Factors behind our technology choice

  • The Right Technology

      We feel that the combination of the right team, the right methodology, the right delivery model and the right choice of technology are the cornerstones of successful software development and delivery. Poor technology choice can slow down development and can make even the best of teams fail.

  • Factors behind Technology Choice

      "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail."--Abraham Maslow

      This is specifically why we are always exploring new technologies and tring to analyse the benefits and the shortcomings
  • The problem of plenty

      Technology options are always increasing and the choice of the right tool for the job is quite a daunting task.
    • Some factors that help us choose:

    • We rely on proven technologies
    • Our choice is for powerful, yet non-intrusive tools and technology
    • We are open to open source, but not closed to closed source
    • We carefully assess the potential of the open source alternatives, and their propensity for growth
    • We are entirely vendor neutral