Knowledge Building

The proper choice of technology, be it the usage of the core design principles to the choice language, platforms, infrastructure, or even the testing strategies, contributes hugely to the success of projects.
The abundance of choice brings up the requirement of spending time to weed through the options - through careful investigation, proof-of-concepts and build the optimum repertoire of technology options.

Open Source Contribution

At 2PiRad, we build our solution infrastructure from a number of open source projects and at the same time we strive to give back to the open source community by supporting several open source initiatives. The best of our resources spend quality lab-time participating in open source initiatives the form of development, testing and release management.


Genesis is a rich service integration framework with embedded container being developed at 2PiRad Labs. Genesis adopts the Java EE Connector Architecture to make an application to communicate with outer world or even between applications.

All connectors and applications are exposed as services which give a flexible management, even remotely. The framework has already been used successfully as an underlying solution framwork in Enterprise Middleware projects.

Genesis is currently in restricted beta. We have a long roadmap for Genesis, which include providing integration with Camel and support for some scripting languages.

Genesis Highlights

a very lightweight container model where your application services reside

a set of connectors for the services to interact

the connectors include interaction with existing services

comes with a host of auxiliary helpers for developers' convenience

well managed messaging cycle by leveraging delegation pattern