The entire methodology of project execution is based on the Web 2.0 philosophy of collaboration and harnessing of collective intelligence. The basic philosophy will be to follow an iterative model of execution and delivery with short release cycles, based on Agile Practices.

Highlights of our practices

  • Iterative Approach

    • increasing understanding of the problem through successive refinements
    • incrementally grow an effective solution over multiple delivery cycles
    • more adaptable to change
    • allows for early detection of risks
    • QA process starts early
    • better management of change impact
  • Short Delivery Cycles

    • Short delivery cycles with quick turnaround time. This helps in the organic evolution of the deliverable with a constant feedback mechanism from the client
    • The short cycle releases made by 2PiRad will be hosted on the project server and will undergo continual refinement, with new features being slipstreamed on a periodic basis based on agreed-upon change requests
  • Collaborative Management

    • Wiki based project portal which will serve as the common communication medium
    • Common framework for issue tracking
  • Build Approach

    • Integrated build-and-delivery approach
    • ensures version uniformity of all artefacts
    • seamless develop-build-release cycles