• Execution Models

    • Pure Offshore
    • Onsite/Offshore
    • Onsite
  • Pure Offshore Model

    • Make extensive use of the collaborative project tracking mechanism already in place
    • Open to adapt and participate in client tracking tools
    • Calendar driven regularized telecon with client and maintaining minutes in the collaboration system
    • Short delivery cycles and iterative enhancement model for effective idea interchange
  • Onsite Offshore Model

      Approach 1

    • The discovery and planning stages are the client site
    • The subsequent development, testing and support phases are carried out offshore at 2PiRad development centre

      Approach 2

    • For projects involving extensive integration or complex requirements, project co-ordinator is stationed onsite
    • The Project co-ordinator acts as the bridge between the development team and the client
  • Onsite Model

    • For projects having a strong Systems Integration requirements, the team is located onsite for continuous monitoring, implementation and subsequent support
    • A back-end support team is maintained at the development centre, to take advantage of the time difference, and provide problem-shooting help to the onsite team